Skilled artisans


117 years

For 117 years Kindel furniture has been built by experienced furniture craftsmen and woman who learned from generations of Grand Rapids cabinetmakers. Kindel is that rare furniture company that is still defined by hand craftsmanship, hand carving, hand-selected veneers, hand painting and hand-rubbed finishes. The artisans of Kindel build and finish each piece of furniture one at a time, continuing the legacy of bench-made construction. We are committed to 100% American craftsmanship, making Kindel a true, American luxury brand.

Kindel Craft Handcarving

Hand Carving

There is no detail too complex to execute, when hand carving and hand flushing methods are used. From C-scrolls and volutes to leaves and flowers, Kindel goes beyond machine carving to define design elements using hand tools. Carved elements begin with the concept and a drawing. The Monte Carlo pull is made by machining the rough shape, spindle carving to give further definition and finally hand carving to enhance the elegant detail. The result is pure sculpture.

Hand-Selected Veneers

Kindel carefully selects specific veneers and solids based on the construction of each pattern of furniture. Veneers are always matched across all surfaces regardless of wood or painted finishes. There is integrity throughout all Kindel construction.

Craft Veneer
Craft Upholstery

Upholstery Construction

The importance of all upholstered furniture is knowing what’s on the inside. Kindel upholstery frames are made 100% in our workshop from solid Maple. All shapes and sweeps are created with wood alone. Comfort, scale and durability are critical to Kindel’s upholstery designs. In addition to Maple frame construction, eight-way, hand-tied springs in seat construction is standard in our upholstery. Sinuous springs and Marshall units are use to support back construction. Standard cushion construction is our Spring Down, which contains an inner spring unit wrapped in layers of foam and down and feathers. The most select materials come together to create the most superior upholstery available today.

Hand Painted and Rubbed Decoration

Hand painted decoration is created by artists in our decoration department. All wood and painted finishes are hand rubbed to create purity of color and sheen, reflecting the beauty inherent in the wood. Grain pattern is highlighted with colors mixed on a palette by artists who know their craft. Gilt leaf is applied by hand and hand burnished using glazes to add color and interest.

Kindel Craft Handpainting
Kindel Craft Handsewing

Hand Sewing

Hand sewing allows for a seamless overall appearance. Kindel cuts and sews your fabric carefully matching all patterns across the entire chair. All pieces are tailored with meticulous detail.


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