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Versatility in Design Aesthetics

While known for classic American Traditional design Kindel is continuously evolving new designs relevant to today’s luxury home. Our designers and engineers have decades of furniture knowledge among them. Forms in the Kindel product line range from sleek and sophisticated to romantic and historic. What you do with each of these forms makes each piece an intrinsic thing of beauty, suited specifically for you. Kindel creates functional art for you.

From Hollywood Glam to Urban Architecture

Whether looking for the bold, iconic designs in our Dorothy Draper licensed collection or the strong architectural elements where negative space is as hero as the sculptural art of the Jeffery Roberts collection, Kindel has designs that are unique and make their own statement.

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88 008 Detail Silver Leaf Custom B Moore Fresh Air Nickel Pulls
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Simple Lines with Modernistic Elements

Understated forms with transitional shapes, our Knowledge collection, crafted of Cherry offers a minimalistic approach to functional art. This collection and the sleek, Retro Modern collection from Greg Natale where the triangulated, stepped leg is key, allow for a much more understated, yet sophisticated approach to an interior.

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Precision, Romance, and Refined Elegance

Our artisans’ ability to reproduce pieces within a thirty second of an inch is still practiced today. The beauty of classic traditional forms is that they are timeless. Kindel possesses the ability to transform them to be relevant to today’s home with the use of edgy and chic finishes or fabrics. Our artisan’s ability to make each piece with exacting execution of design, be it from the Winterthur Museum collection or one of our Kindel Classics is uncompromised.

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Neoclassic Dining Room

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