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Ella Nesting Tables


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Ella Nesting Tables C2004-011

The set is comprised of three graduated tables with galleried tops. Available in all painted lacquers. Custom colors are available for an extra charge. Large: 24W 24D 24H. Medium: 20W 20D 20H. Small: 16W 16D 16H.

Wood Species: Maple
  • Width: 24" (60.96 cm)
  • Depth: 24" (60.96 cm)
  • Height: 24" (60.96 cm)
  • Arm Height: 0" (0 cm)
  • 240 Ivory Pearl 1 Ivory Pearl
  • 355 Coral Striata 1 Coral Striata
  • 373 Indigo Striata 1 Indigo Striata
  • 375 Grey Striata 1 Grey Striata
  • 386 Red Lacquer Striata 1 Red Lacquer Striata
  • 388 Apple Green Striata 1 Apple Green Striata
  • 73 Indigo 1 Indigo
  • 270 Brushed White 1 Brushed White
  • 251 Brushed Robins Egg Blue 1 Brushed Robin's Egg Blue
  • 252 Brushed Putty 1 Brushed Putty
  • 253 Brushed Ice 1 Brushed Ice
  • 254 Brushed Cream 1 Brushed Cream
  • 255 Brushed Coral 1 Brushed Coral
  • 256 Brushed Ocean 1 Brushed Ocean
  • 257 Brushed Citrus 1 Brushed Citrus
  • 258 Brushed Orange 1 Brushed Orange
  • 271 Brushed Bone 1 Brushed Bone
  • 272 Brushed Wisteria 1 Brushed Wisteria
  • 273 Brushed Indigo 1 Brushed Indigo
  • 280 Brushed Black Lacquer 1 Brushed Black Lacquer
  • 288 Brushed Green Apple 1 Brushed Green Apple
  • 75 Grey 1 Grey
  • 207 Oyster 1 Oyster
  • 80 Black Lacquer 1 Black Lacquer
  • 86 Red Lacquer 1 Red Lacquer
  • 71 Bone 1 Bone
  • 72 Wisteria 1 Wisteria
  • 70 White 1 White
  • 51 Robins Egg Blue 1 Robin's Egg Blue
  • 52 Putty 1 Putty
  • 152 Aged Putty 1 Aged Putty
  • 53 Ice 1 Ice
  • 54 Cream 1 Cream
  • 55 Coral 1 Coral
  • 56 Ocean 1 Ocean
  • 57 Citrus 1 Citrus
  • 58 Orange 1 Orange
  • 42 Braziliance 1 Braziliance

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About the Collection


Boldly Understated.

Featuring the perfect blend of transitional and classical design, the Metropolitan Collection is the epitome of understated elegance. Curated for those searching for the beauty of traditional pieces paired with the bold design of modernism, this collection represents simplicity and purity of style.

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John Black Designer Bio
About the Designer

John Black

“Historically classic forms continually inspire and shape my design aesthetic as they capture the familiarity of the past, with which I then, interject a modern point of view.”

John Black was a furniture designer and founder of the creative design firm that bears his name, J Black Design. At heart, John was both a modernist and a classicist. Hardly a conundrum. John was known for an understated, classic approach to furniture forms that captures the essence of traditional silhouettes combined with modern touches. He was an artist and a mechanic with an unfailing, critical eye for scale and proportion.

John Black was both a master and a student of design. He grew up in the furniture making tradition in North Carolina and received formal training at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Before establishing his own firm, John was Vice President of Design for Baker Furniture. While John traveled broadly for inspiration, his everyday life was a creative force. Sadly, John passed away in 2021 after a brave struggle with cancer. He will be sorely missed, though his designs and memory lives on.