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Don’t settle for choice. Indulge in custom.

Kindel Grand Rapids is one of the last companies to offer true custom work. In this industry, what other companies call custom, we call standard choice. What we call custom, other companies just won’t do. At Kindel Grand Rapids, you can create custom pieces that are truly unique to you.

Reimagine design and think outside the credenza as you alter anything from dimension, finish, functionality, and even more until your piece is a one of a kind vision made only for you.

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Beauty, crafted to perfection


The lux­u­ry of mod­ern machines, such as CNC, and dupli­cate carvers, allow for a safer process for our arti­sans with­out the loss of per­son­al touch­es such as under­cuts, deep scoops and chis­el marks cre­at­ed by the carver’s skilled use of tra­di­tion­al chisels.

Crafted Individually

By craft­ing each piece indi­vid­u­al­ly, Kindel Grand Rapids’ arti­sans accen­tu­ate nat­ur­al grain pat­terns with glaze or padding, giv­ing full play to qual­i­ties unique to the fig­ure of that par­tic­u­lar wood.

Complex Process

Our process is com­plex and requires over thir­ty steps, with the final detail of hand rub­bing, which cre­ates a lux­u­ri­ous depth of fin­ish and tac­tile feel that’s sec­ond to none.

Hand Finishing

Rang­ing from clear wood stains to artis­tic paint­ed fin­ish­es, met­al leaf­ing, hand paint­ed faux mar­ble fin­ish­es, and even cus­tomiza­tion, each of our eighty fin­ish­es is unique­ly cre­at­ed through hand appli­ca­tions and ensures no two pieces are alike.

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Explore our range of exceptional woods, fabrics, and finishing options.

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