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Pagoda Table


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Metropolitan, Truex, Designer Series

Pagoda Table 58-705

Fortune favors the bold. Hard to believe that a functional object as graceful and refined as James Mont's 3-tiered Side Table could've been as controversial as it was to the design world sixty years ago. It's very easy to believe that all eyes were drawn to it much as they still are. The unique, three-part stacking tables allow for various applications throughout the home. They are crafted of Maple solids and veneer. Curved top edge. Inspired by designs of James Mont, circa 1950. Available in painted lacquers. Also available in leaf or faux finishes for an added charge. Dimensions are as follows: Large Table: 6 1/2"H x 14 1/2"W x 26 1/2"D, Medium Table: 6 1/2"H x 14 1/2"W x 22 1/4"D, Small Table: 6 1/2"H x 14 1/2"W x 18"D.

Wood Species: Maple
  • Width: 14.5" (36.83 cm)
  • Depth: 26.5" (67.31 cm)
  • Height: 23.75" (60.325 cm)
  • Arm Height: 0" (0 cm)
  • 2073 Ebony Ebony
  • 5005 Old World Black MHC 1 Old World Black
  • 5007 Champagne Pearl Lacquer HPMC Champagne Pearl Lacquer
  • 5008 Chinese Black Lacq HPLC 1 Chinese Black Lacquer
  • 5010 Noire MLC 1 Noire
  • 5029 Fresco White ELC 1 Fresco White
  • 5093 Doucelaine EHC 1 Doucelaine
  • 5038 Vermillion Red Lacquer Vermilion Red Lacquer
  • 5044 Antico White EMC 1 Antico White
  • 5045 Chambord E AD C 1 Chambord
  • 5080 Saffron Saffron Yellow
  • 5084 Chipped White EHC 1 Chipped White
  • 5088 Matita Bigello MLC 1 Matita Bigello
  • 5020 Blanco White 190718 120948 Blanco White
  • 5015 Nebbiolo EHC 1 Nebbiolo
  • 2019 Venetian White 01 Venetian White
  • 6150 Antico Bollo Leaf ELC 1 Antico Bollo Leaf
  • 6400 Chenille Leaf ELC 1 Chenille Leaf
  • 6000 Antique Gold Leaf ELC 1 Antique Gold Leaf
  • 6100 Classic Gold Leaf ELC 1 Classic Gold Leaf
  • 6300 Antique Mecca Leaf ELC 1 Antique Mecca Leaf
  • 6250 Classic Silver Leaf ELC 1 Classic Silver Leaf
  • 6200 Antique Silver Leaf ELC 1 Antique Silver Leaf
  • 6220 Champagne Metal Leaf ELC 1 Champagne Leaf
  • 5070 Raphael HPLC Raphael
  • 5048 Tre Stelle 01 Tre Stelle
  • 5024 Antique Sable Faux Marble Antique Sable Faux Marble
  • 5031 Pietra Faux Marble MADC 1 Antique Pietra Marble
  • Antique Noir Faux Marble
  • Antique Melon Marble
  • 5051 Patricia Faux Marble HPLC 1 Patricia Verde Faux Marble
  • 5057 Noire Faux Marble HPLC 1 Noire Faux Marble
  • 5020 Ant Granito Misto MADC Granito Misto

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About the Collection


Boldly Understated.

Featuring the perfect blend of transitional and classical design, the Metropolitan Collection is the epitome of understated elegance. Curated for those searching for the beauty of traditional pieces paired with the bold design of modernism, this collection represents simplicity and purity of style.

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About the Collection


Truex by Scott Himmel for Karges

In the early 1930’s, a young American from the middle west attended the Paris branch of The Parsons School of Design. He stayed on to become an instructor and ultimately director. His name: Van Day Truex. At the onset of World War II, Truex moved to New York and became president of Parsons, recruiting the greatest interior decorators of the day as both teachers and guest critics. From 1947-1960, New York was the world capital of the decorative arts and at it’s center was The Parsons School and Truex who believed the rooms we live in should be nothing less than a celebration of the lives we lead. It is our mission to bring back the best of this era to contemporary interiors as a special collection within Karges by Hand. The name is in honor of Truex, inspiration comes not solely from Van, but from those he inspired as his era continues to inspire us.

“There’s a difference between existing and living.”-Van Day Truex

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About the Collection

Designer Series

The dreams of designers now in your home.

At Kindel Grand Rapids we embrace innovation and creativity from our guest designers. Our various designer collaborations promote brilliant and unique styles and aesthetics that marry the designer’s creativity with the skill and craftsmanship of our Grand Rapids artisans.

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Scott himmel
About the Designer

Scott Himmel

“Truex is ".... a curated line of pieces designed for individual clients, not mass production."”

Although an Architect by formal education and training, Scott Himmel describes himself as an interior architect, interior designer and furniture designer. He has been the Principal of his own firm for over 40 years and is always looking to keep freshly abreast about all manner of the interior design industry. Himmel is the mastermind behind Truex and his brilliant interpretation of post-WWII American interior designers is evident throughout the collection. He interprets Truex as “....a curated line of pieces designed for individual clients, not mass production “.