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Yumi Cocktail Table


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Dorothy Draper

Yumi Cocktail Table 88-864

The Yumi Cocktail table features exotic Walnut Burl in a four-piece top that is book-matched and butt-matched to create a stunning display of veneer. The base is standard in any painted finishes. The oriental, curved legs, apron and bead under the top can be accented with gold as an option. A hand painted fineline on the top is also an option. The table is also available in all-over, painted finishes, see the Yumi II, 88-863.

Wood Species: Maple
  • Width: 47.75" (121.285 cm)
  • Depth: 30" (76.2 cm)
  • Height: 18.5" (46.99 cm)
  • Arm Height: 0" (0 cm)
  • 240 Ivory Pearl 1 Ivory Pearl
  • 355 Coral Striata 1 Coral Striata
  • 373 Indigo Striata 1 Indigo Striata
  • 375 Grey Striata 1 Grey Striata
  • 386 Red Lacquer Striata 1 Red Lacquer Striata
  • 388 Apple Green Striata 1 Apple Green Striata
  • 75 Grey 1 Grey
  • 270 Brushed White 1 Brushed White
  • 251 Brushed Robins Egg Blue 1 Brushed Robin's Egg Blue
  • 252 Brushed Putty 1 Brushed Putty
  • 253 Brushed Ice 1 Brushed Ice
  • 254 Brushed Cream 1 Brushed Cream
  • 255 Brushed Coral 1 Brushed Coral
  • 256 Brushed Ocean 1 Brushed Ocean
  • 257 Brushed Citrus 1 Brushed Citrus
  • 258 Brushed Orange 1 Brushed Orange
  • 271 Brushed Bone 1 Brushed Bone
  • 272 Brushed Wisteria 1 Brushed Wisteria
  • 273 Brushed Indigo 1 Brushed Indigo
  • 280 Brushed Black Lacquer 1 Brushed Black Lacquer
  • 288 Brushed Green Apple 1 Brushed Green Apple
  • 73 Indigo 1 Indigo
  • 207 Oyster 1 Oyster
  • 80 Black Lacquer 1 Black Lacquer
  • 86 Red Lacquer 1 Red Lacquer
  • 71 Bone 1 Bone
  • 72 Wisteria 1 Wisteria
  • 70 White 1 White
  • 51 Robins Egg Blue 1 Robin's Egg Blue
  • 52 Putty 1 Putty
  • 152 Aged Putty 1 Aged Putty
  • 53 Ice 1 Ice
  • 54 Cream 1 Cream
  • 55 Coral 1 Coral
  • 56 Ocean 1 Ocean
  • 57 Citrus 1 Citrus
  • 58 Orange 1 Orange
  • 42 Braziliance 1 Braziliance
  • 79 Gold Paint 1 Gold Paint

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About the Collection

Dorothy Draper

If it looks right, it is right.

Pioneer of the Modern Baroque style, Dorothy Draper was known for big and bold. This collection is a haven for the fearless use of color, pattern, and dramatic design elements. The Dorothy Draper collection is curated for those unafraid to embrace their own style and reject “all that is impractical, uncomfortable, and drab.”

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Carleton Varney Designer Bio
About the Designer

Carleton Varney

“"The job of decorating is never done. There is always something to update, restore or refresh. And I am still at it, living a lifetime of colorful interior design and enjoying every single minute."”

Carleton Varney is one of America’s best-known interior decorators and president/owner of Dorothy Draper & Co. Inc., one of the oldest continually operating interior design firms in the United States. The firm was named after the founder of the company, Dorothy Draper, who was the doyenne of interior design from the 1920’s to the 1960’s. The company’s design philosophy stresses the use of bright colors and the rejection of all that is impractical, uncomfortable and drab. In embracing this practice Carleton Varney continues the tradition of Dorothy Draper with the adventurous use of vibrant colors, floral patterns, and bold contrasts. He has written over 30 books on decorating and design including his latest, Decorating on the Waterfront. Mr. Varney’s impressive roster of clients includes superstars from the world of entertainment, fashion, and business.